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Alexander Shulgin: "I want "the middle of the Earth" to be known, understood and welcomed

A well-known composer and visionary organizes an international business forum in Irkutsk

The seventh international business forum rASiA Baikal will be held in Irkutsk on August 6-8. The platform was created for the exchange of the latest technologies and experience among entrepreneurs from all over the world. World leaders will discuss the latest innovations, opportunities for cooperation, tell their success stories and show how innovative technologies can change the world and support the development of the global economies of Russia, Asia and the West. And, of course, Siberia. The organizer of the forum is Alexander Shulgin, a well-known composer, native of our city, visionary and investor, the owner of the "Last Name" group of companies. In May he visited Irkutsk and met with our correspondent.

- Alexander, earlier the rASiA business forum was held in the European part of Russia, why did you choose Irkutsk this year?

- There are several reasons. First of all, it is the geographical location of the regional center. It is a European city for Asians, despite the fact that it is located in Asia. The name of rASiA combines two concepts: Russia is the largest country on the world map, Asia is the largest part of the world. This year the word "Baikal" was added to it. Direct flights from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong fly to Irkutsk. This means that foreign guests will be comfortable to get here.

The second reason is that there are no such events in the capital of Eastern Siberia, and I would very much like them to appear. Yes, there was the Baikal Economic Forum, but it is more oriented towards officials, which means that a simple guy wearing sneakers who has developed a unique program or launched a startup would not have been able to pass it. Our event will be more democratic. This is a forum for people. Now we are forming a pool of speakers, and you can offer the right people, in your opinion, persons.

In general, the time of Irkutsk has come! It is always natural for me to give away - to do something important and useful for the city in which I grew up. Few people are engaged in the wide promotion of our region, so that it became known outside Russia as both a tourist and as a smart, innovative, investment-attractive region. It's hard to imagine, but when I flew to Bali in 1996, few people knew about it. Now it is almost impossible to find a person who has not heard of this island. And this is not only the program of the Indonesian government, but also the result of the common work of the residents. I want the middle of the world to be known, understood and welcomed. The forum should divide people into proactive ones and those who, alas, do not have this very initiative. According to statistics, only 10% of initiative people understand where and, most importantly, why, for what purpose and mission they live. Others in India have been called "awake" since ancient times.

One of the questions of the forum will be the discussion of the program "Shulgin-2035", because our event looks to the future. The participants are not indifferent to where and how they live, how their children grow up, and how they will live for generations to come. We should not nod at Moscow, at "white" or "gray" houses. We must act on our own. The Siberian character with testosterone, insinuated on a pine nut, and precisely formulated goal for themselves - a great breakthrough force. As Che Guevara said: "I need 30 associates, and I can make a revolution in any country! Revolutions can be different - technological, scientific and technical. And the main ones are revolutions in themselves. Stop sleeping, we need to reevolve, we can change the world around us! The task of the forum is to show and prove it to ourselves.

- What will be the program of the forum?

- All days will be divided into three thematic parts. The first one will be devoted to the pressing problems that are relevant for Siberia and Irkutsk. We are talking about energy, natural resources, transport, logistics, and tourism. The theme of the digital economy, which can take everything to a new level, will be the red thread through. The second part is the talk about the future, the Shulgin-2035 program. I have already been to Asia, Korea, Latin America and Europe with this conference-meetings. Let's discuss what awaits us in geopolitics, transport, tourism and education.

The third part - a separate day - will be devoted to one of the greatest technologies today, which will change our way of life - blockchain. (Blockchain is a clearly structured database with specific rules for building transaction chains and access to information. - Authors).)

World-class experts will act as speakers on blockchain. Unfortunately, many people still think that blockchain is speculation on cryptocurrencies. But we are talking about technologies, infrastructure, benefits for energy, transport, tourism and education. In particular, one of the speakers will talk about how the global professional environment will change in the coming years. There will be no more lawyers, no more tax officers, no more accountants. They will be replaced by robots and bots. Therefore, the conclusion for visitors to the forum can be the right choice of the direction of education and profession for children.

The main topic, which is planned to pay special attention, or rather, even the focus of the forum, is technology, people, nature. Siberian nature is unique, but its beauty and value is not our merit. However, we have to take into account the natural peculiarities of Siberia in the correct application of technology in building our future. Only then can we create here a place where we, our children, relatives and friends - all people - will be happy to live.

- Who will speak to the audience?

- Svetlana Chupsheva, General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russian economist and sociologist, Hans Heng, Senior Managing Partner of Emerging Asia Capital Market, Ambassador of Indonesia, is among the speakers and partners more than two months before the forum.


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