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The International Innovation Forum will be held in Irkutsk

Our city is not chosen by chance. The organizer of this large-scale event - a visionary, investor and a famous Russian or, as he calls himself, a Siberian composer Alexander Shulgin - was born and raised in Irkutsk. Now he is preparing for the start of the forum. His goal is to understand what awaits us all tomorrow and how to live with it. It is no secret that digitalization is taking seven-mile steps. And many specialists in this or that branch will be replaced by artificial intelligence in 10-15 years. Hence the question: what kind of profession to master for our children in order to remain in demand in the labor market? What kind of business should we start for the long term? How to be interesting for an investor, if you have a brilliant idea? This and not only three days will be discussed at the forum from 6 to 8 August.


The main focus of the forum is human. Even the slogan is "Technologies. Man. Nature". This is not the state, this is not some kind of task, this is you and me. And the richness of our region and possible forward technologies can sometimes give us advantages that were not available before.

The Forum has been held in Moscow for 7 years already. But this year Alexander Shulgin decided to break the accepted scenario. Geographically, Irkutsk is a convenient point for the arrival of famous speakers from around the world. All three days of the forum will be different platforms: the investment attractiveness of the region, growth points, relationships with partner countries, as well as issues of the future of Siberia and, of course, Baikal.

Text and photo from the Aist website


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